Welcome to the website of Dulichand Jain, the Visionary of Karuna Clubs. A living example of Karuna (compassion), he is bestowed with the title of ‘Karuna Ratna’. Guided by his innermost belief that compassion is the key to personal evolution as well as universal peace, he has dedicated his life to spreading the message of ‘live and let live’ – the foundation stone of compassion.

His vision and mission can be seen in three areas:
✦ Starting Karuna Clubs in schools and colleges
✦ Working with several educational organizations
✦ Contribution to the literary field

In more than 2600 schools and colleges in 12 states of India, the Karuna Clubs nurture compassion and kindness in young minds, teaching them to resolve human conflicts and environmental issues, and to live in harmony with human beings, animals, plants, and nature.

Dulichand Jain Karuna Quote

He is an author of many books, a versatile speaker at many forums and an educationist. He has worked with organizations such as Vivekananda Educational Society and Vivekananda Educational Trust to impart humane and value-based education into remote and rural areas.

This site is maintained by the family of Dulichand Jain. As you browse through this site, you will see his vision evolve into a beautiful journey. Feel free to write to him and share your views and thoughts.